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UBR22 running at formula student UK

It’s been a very busy start to the year for the UBR23 team. After a tough end to last season we are determined to build upon successful developments and mistakes made from last year and we have made great progress.

Straight after finishing the competition, we began work on fixing our major engine problem to make UBR22 run properly for the first time. Since then we have been running the car hard and managed over 150 km of testing, looking specifically into the development of our new traction control system. The data has also been used by our Vehicle Dynamics team who have been analyzing our track data using Pi Toolbox.

Sunset testing session

After starting the term strong, we were able to put a design freeze in place by the start of December. This allowed us to host a successful design review event, generating lots of positive feedback from our alumni. Our main development of the year which involves changing to a smaller diameter tire was well received and work has now began on manufacturing the vast suspension changes needed to make it work. Our statics team have also managed to produce the first draft of the new business plan and are preparing to start on cost.

Aero Render cropped
An image from our design review to keep you excited until we launch the new car

In the meantime, the team has hosted presentations and interactive activities, such as drivetrain disassembly’s and carbon cutting sessions, to ease new recruits into the Formula Student lifestyle. With plenty of people working around the lab and with the amazing help of our sponsors, especially EPM Composites and PRF Composites, we were able to produce our first carbon pieces before the year had even started. Both the Chassis and Aerodynamics departments have worked tirelessly to produce over 50% of the composite package before the Christmas break.

Since Christmas we have completed one our major design targets. This was the design and testing of a new crash structure. We passed 2 out of 4 possible designs when testing at Cranfield University earlier this month. This means we have made a huge 3kg saving from this design change which should gain us valuable time on the track later in the year. Keep an eye out for more details from our crash testing.

We are looking forward to pushing on this term, before the final push to get the new car ready to race.

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