Become part of our success.

We are always looking for new faces to join the team. Though we are an primarily an engineering society, we welcome people from all disciplines, because Formula Student requires many different skillsets and viewpoints. So whether you’re an aspiring mechanical engineer or a budding business guru, get in touch and let’s achieve great successes together.

Discover our departments

There are many different things you can do in UBRacing. We have a diverse set of roles available so everyone is bound to find something they like. Below is a brief description of each of our major departments within the team. Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure what you’d like to do – everyone can be a bit lost at the beginning. We will make sure to give you something that you will find enjoyable and that will let your potential show.


As part of the chassis team, you can take part in the construction of our fifth generation carbon fibre monocoque and a steel space frame. You could be responsible for preparing and manufacturing carbon fibre composite parts, designing composite moulds and tooling, developing a crash structure or analysing composite elements. The chassis is the largest and by far one of the most important parts of the car, so there will be plenty of opportunities to get valuable experience!


For a few years now we have been developing and perfecting our aerodynamics package. With the introduction of the diffuser in UBR22 we have already seen great performance gains and we want to push it even further this year. As part of the aero team you could work on manufacturing the carbon fibre components, designing new ones using CAD and CFD or testing your ideas using a wind tunnel model. Aero is surely one of the most exciting areas of the car to be working on!

Combustion Powertrain

Powertrain is all about the engine. They quite literally make the car go, and pretty fast at that! If you’re interested in learning more about engines and gaining practical, hands-on experience in mechanical engineering and engine software, powertrain is the place for you. You could be working on designing custom engine parts, testing performance on our engine dyno and on track, creating custom engine calibration profiles, performing maintenance and much more. 

Electric Powertrain

The electric powertrain is the heart of our car. Its all about the motor and the battery pack that allows us to deliver that instant torque to the rear wheels. If you are interested in the future of automotive powertrains, power electronics or getting hands on engineering experience then this is the place for you. You could be working on motor performance optimization on the dyno, battery pack design, using software to model the powertrain and much more!


The control department focuses on the electrical aspects of the car. As a part of control, you will help design, develop and install the low voltage control and safety systems of the car such as pedal position sensors and shutdown switches. The group is also responsible for controlling the motor of our electric vehicle and so you will get the chance to work with our controller unit directly, as well as some of the other circuits and sub-systems involved with power delivery and performance. We’re always looking for more electrical engineers; so if you’re interested in electronics, this is the department for you!

Vehicle dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics is all about extracting the most performance available out of various aspects of the car. As part of the group, you will be helping create new tools for us to understand car behaviour, guiding and validating design decisions through simulation and analysing on-track data to improve laptime. If you are analytical and have excellent attention to detail, vehicle dynamics is for you!


Undoubtedly the most important part of the whole team, manufacturing actually turns our ideas into a real car that can be raced at the competition. Building a racecar requires the use of many different fabrication methods, such as carbon fibre cutting and curing, 3D printing, welding and machining. If you enjoy hands-on, practical work, then you will feel right at home!

Business and cost

Business is the backbone of the team – they manage our finances to ensure we don’t go over the budget, track all the important deadlines and prepare our business plan. They are also responsible for creating the cost report, which is an essential document outlining the precise cost of manufacturing a racecar, and presenting it to the judges at the Formula Student competition. If you’re a business or finance student looking for a challenge – join us and help us win!

Marketing and media

Contrary to what you might be thinking, marketing is one of the most important departments within the team. They are in charge of finding new sponsors and securing funding, as well as managing our social media and keeping our followers up to date. As part of media you could also be responsible for media production – we always need more pictures and videos to promote the UBRacing brand!