UBRacing is made possible thanks to all of our sponsors, some of which have been with us for almost all of our 22 year history.

We are always welcoming new companies and individuals on board. If you want to become part of one of the oldest Formula Student teams in the UK, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email to view our partnership proposal. Alternatively, you can donate to our JustGiving page.

Platinum Sponsors

MAHLE Powertrain are our title sponsor, entering a Partnership with UBRacing in 2018. MAHLE Powertrain are a subsidiary of MAHLE based in the UK. They specialise in all aspects of powertrain engineering and development, ranging from testing and designing internal combustion engines, to creating software and even electric vehicles. MAHLE Powertrain provide us with financial support as well as access to their industry-leading facilities and expertise, enabling us to further improve and refine our powertrain and overall car.

EPM Composites are experts in composite materials, offering a range of services such as CNC mould machining and batch or one-off component manufacture. UBRacing started working with EPM 2 years ago. Since being on board, they have served as a platinum sponsor, providing us with the use of their state-of-the-art facilities, as well as extensive technical guidance on composite manufacturing techniques. Since the introduction of a carbon fibre monocoque and aerodynamics package, EPM have become a vital part of making the car come to life. Without them, we would not have seen the success and engineering advancement that the last two years have brought us.

Autodesk are a leading provider of engineering design and manufacturing software for a range of industries, including engineering, manufacturing and architecture. Autodesk have a range of precision CNC machines at their Birmingham office. Autodesk are very generous in providing a great deal of high quality CNC machining services for vital outboard components of the car, including hubs, uprights and wheel centres. Our longstanding partnership with Autodesk stemmed from an initial agreement with Delcam, a subsidiary of Autodesk several years ago, who provided CAD/CAM software and machining services for the team.  

Northrop Grumman are a US-based security company and one of the largest in the world. Responsible for aircraft such as the B-21, they are industry leaders in the Aerospace, Military and Autonomous Systems fields. Northrop Grumman have been a sponsor of the team since 2015 and have provided valuable financial support since then.

Gold sponsors

A company that needs no introduction; for over a century, Aston Martin has been responsible for some of the most iconic automobiles in history. Synonymous with luxury, heritage and authentic craftsmanship the company continues to represent the very best in British engineering. Known for their elegance, Aston Martin play a critical role in supporting the aesthetics of our car, through the use of their specialist lacquer and painting facilities for nearly the past 10 years.

Iscar, founded in 1952, have provided the team with a wide range of metal cutting tools and bits for many years. Their ongoing support has facilitated the team’s ability to smoothly work through countless hours of lathe and milling jobs. These tools also enable new team members to develop valuable manufacturing skills using the lathe and milling machine.

PRF Composite Materials have been a leading manufacturer and supplier of materials for the composite industry since 1982, with a catalogue that ranges from fabrics to tools and consumables. UBRacing and PRF have been working together since 2015. The range of carbon fibre offered by PRF Composite Materials is key to the success of our monocoque, carbon wheels and aerodynamics package.

Since switching the engine control system to Cosworth in 2016 there have been major advancements in the power management and sensor capability leading to more and better data collection. With the Cosworth PI software we have been able to analyse this track data like never before, allowing clearer and more insightful validation and direct feedback to aid car set up. Cosworth’s continued support is crucial to the powertrain as well as validating vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics.

ANSYS are a world renowned software company, who are most famous for their CFD and FEA programmes. Engineering students at the University of Birmingham use ANSYS software in modules, but ANSYS provide UBRacing specifically with licences, enabling us to develop our aerodynamics package above and beyond the capabilities of the standard academic licence.

Yamazaki Mazak are a worldwide manufacturer of advanced automation and CNC machines across a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace and construction. Through the machining they have supplied the team with since 2009, Yamazaki Mazak are a crucial sponsor in the development of complex parts on our cars.

Silver Sponsors

Tygavac, a subsidiary of Airtech, are a supplier of composite production. They provide us with the necessary consumables to manufacture our carbon fibre components.

Mathworks are a global software company that specialises in mathematical analysis programs. They also kindly provide the team with MATLAB licenses, technical training and recruitment goodies.

Bopai Logo

Bopai are a Chinese bag manufacturer newly sponsoring the team in 2018. They have provided us with backpacks, so that we can all keep ourselves and the team organised.

Santander Universities provide support for many universities around the world through scholarships, grants and awards. They have been supporting UBRacing for nearly 5 years.

Simscale are a provider of a cloud based CFD software as well as a useful help forum, that was instrumental in the development of UBR21’s aero package.

Founded by a UBRacing alumnus, Scaled are a 3D printing company, who specialise in bespoke, large scale products with a fast turn around. They are responsible for the UBR21 wind tunnel model.

Bronze Sponsors


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