While UBRacing is entirely student led, there are members of University staff who are essential to what we do.

Dr Karl Dearn

Dr Karl Dearn has been the team’s faculty advisor for over 10 years now, helping us to liaise with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and watching over us from a distance to make sure that we are not wasting all of our money.

Mark Wager

Mark is the Senior Technician for UBRacing and plays a vital role in the day to day operations of the team. Taking over from the legendary Carl Hingley, he plays a behind-the-scenes roll to ensure all our equipment and facilities are in pristine condition, making sure each team member is professionally trained to safely use machines such as our lathe and milling machine. Mark has done an excellent job supporting the team throughout the year including at Formula Student UK and Germany for which the team is very grateful.

Carl Hingley BEM

Carl can only be described as a legend in the Formula Student world. He was the University’s Senior technician for the first 20 years of the Team’s existence and partly responsible for the introduction of the Formula Student competition to the UK. Now retired, Carl’s endless passion means that he still attends the competitions and has a seemingly infinite number of stories from every year he has been involved with the team. Carl has been instrumental in the formation of some of the best engineers in the country, seeing hundreds of students pass through the team and end up in fantastic engineering jobs in a range of fields.

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