UBRacing takes pride in being open to all who attend the University of Birmingham. The majority of our members are Mechanical Engineers, but we have had people from courses such as Business and Geography in the past. There are no entry requirements, other than being eager to learn and enthusiastic. If you want to become a team member, come and visit our office in the Mechanical Engineering Building, room G61 and speak to one of our team members. Below, you can find pictures of our current core team.

Team Leader

Andrew Evans

Project Manager

Hannah Swinbourne

Lead Design Engineer

James Davies

Head of Chassis

Sam McLean

Head of Powertrain

Nathan Pendery

Head of Aerodynamics

Shaun Young

Head of Vehicle Dynamics

Bulraj Mahe

Head of Data and Simulation

Matthew Wright

Head of Drivetrain

Nick Taylor

Lead Aerodynamic Design Engineer

Eric Lim

Powertrain R&D Engineer

Biagio Piccirillo

Impact Structure Engineer

Tomás Perversi

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