UBRacing takes pride in being open to all who attend the University of Birmingham. The majority of our members are Mechanical Engineers, but we have had people from courses such as Business and Geography in the past. There are no entry requirements, other than being eager to learn and enthusiastic. If you want to become a team member, come and visit our office in the Mechanical Engineering Building, room G61 and speak to one of our team members. Below, you can find pictures of our current core team.

Team Leader - Andrew Evans

Andrew is the kingpin in the UBRacing team for the 2018/19 season. He is ultimately responsible for the performance and success of the car with involvement in all departments to ensure the team remains fluid throughout the year. Andrew will be undertaking a considerable R&D project to design carbon fibre tie rods, drop links and push rods which will involve extensive testing of bond failure strengths for different designs. Having spent a noteworthy amount of time serving the team throughout his first and second year, he looks forward to directing the team through a successful season.

Project Manager - Hannah Swinbourne

Lead Design Engineer - James Davies

James oversees the entire build of the car from a technical perspective, being ultimately responsible for all technical decisions and design finalisation for chassis and suspension, organising manufacturing methods and acquiring the required materials to make the concept become a reality. Focusing his own designing into suspension and outboards with the reconsideration of the wheel centres, he will also be conducting research into future vehicle dynamics development to make way for smaller tyres.  As part of the leadership team, he is also partly responsible for all the behind the scenes work, making him quite the jack of all trades.

Head of Chassis - Sam McLean

Sam oversees all design changes to the chassis and is responsible for the manufacture of our carbon fibre monocoque. Throughout his time at UBRacing, he has become highly experienced in the entire process of manufacturing using carbon fibre, from design through to lay up and curing. These skills were put to good use last season with the team’s first ever carbon fibre wheels.

Head of Powertrain - Nathan Pendery

Nathan will be leading the development of the Powertrain department for the year. His plans to advance and refine the powertrain system include leading the redesign of the exhaust system allowing the addition of a diffuser to the car and solving noise issues. By building duplicate sections of the wiring loom, the car and dyno can be run at the same time for maximum time developing maps. He plans to use this time to optimise engine calibration to find more power and torque yet retain driveability.

Head of Aerodynamics - Shaun Young

Shaun has his work cut out this year to manufacture the first ever underfloor aero as part of a new aerodynamics package for UBR22. As part of the new aerodynamics package, a new front wing will be manufactured including larger footplates and a new front wing main element. For this, he is designing new moulds for aerodynamic devices on the car to increase the overall downforce. In addition, he will increase the validation for the new aerodynamics package by the use flow-visualisation paint.

Head of Vehicle Dynamics - Bulraj Mahe

Working closely with the data and R&D departments, Bulraj will be responsible for the optimisation of the suspension setup for the various dynamic events in formula student. Finite element analysis and vehicle simulation alongside physical testing of various components will be critical to reducing the car’s mass through geometry and material choices. Bulraj will liaise with our drivers to refine the handling to suit their driving styles.closely

Head of Data & Vehicle Modelling - Matthew Wright

Matthew plays a critical role in the design and optimisation process of the car. He is developing an in-house lap time simulator in parallel to maintaining the teams’ existing vehicle simulation models. He is also responsible for the vast array of sensors present on the car which provide real-life metrics of the cars performance. You will often catch Matthew trackside, meticulously analysing simulated and on-track data to extract as much from the car as possible. He is also undertaking an extensive R&D project to design carbon fibre wishbones for the car which will be new for the 2018/19 season.

Head of Drivetrain - Nick Taylor

An experienced rally competitor, Nick is overseeing the implementation of a new externally adjustable limited slip differential this year. This particular differential will be quicker to alter the settings on to suit the different dynamic events at competition and differing weather conditions. Nick is also responsible for the manufacture of the drive sprocket and driveshafts for the car.

Lead Aerodynamic Design Engineer - Eric Lim

As the team’s resident aerodynamics and CFD guru, Eric will be completing his final year project on the ‘Development of an Aerodynamics Package for a Formula Student Car’. He will be primarily focusing on implementing a diffuser for the first time in UBRacing history. Additionally, he will be designing a new front wing with a complex geometry to improve the air flow around the car. Eric is also a man of many skills with experience in vinyl wrapping and photography he has a prominent role in the team’s social media presence.

Powertrain Research and Development Engineer - Biagio Piccirillo

Head of the newly founded sub-section of Powertrain, Biagio (translated from Italian as Blaze) is our Powertrain Research and Development engineer. The current focus of his research will assess feasibility of future paths for the Powertrain department. His main development focus this year will be to fine tune the current Yamaha R6 engine for more power whilst improving efficiency. As Head of Powertrain, it is Nathan’s responsibility to ensure no engines are blown up in the search for more power!

Impact Structure and Composites Engineer - Tomás Peversi

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