Meet the people who make our team so special.

We wouldn’t be much of a team without the many people who put a great deal of their time and effort into the UBR project. They make sure the car gets built and tested on time and they’re just some of the faces behind our many successes so far.

UBR22 team - season 2018/2019

Andrew Evans

Team Leader

Samuel McLean

Head of Chassis

Nathan Pendery

Head of Powertrain

Matthew Wright

Vehicle Dynamics R&D

Nicholas Taylor

Drivetrain R&D

Tomas Perversi

Materials R&D

Hannah Swinbourne

Project Manager

Shaun Young

Head of Aerodynamics

Eric Lim

Lead Aerodynamicist

James Davies

Lead Designer

Biagio Piccirillo

Powertrain R&D

Jack Ryall-Aston