This is UBR22.

Peak performance and reliability, except maybe that time when the engine died. Twice. Three times. And some other things that broke in the meantime. Alright, maybe it isn’t peak reliability after all but it’s still ours and we still love it like our child.

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0-100 km/h time
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place at FSUK 2019

Now you may be confused about why¬† we are bragging about coming 35th, we’re not! But its not that bad when you know this car only ran half of one event! This car showed real promise, the addition of a carbon diffuser and an increase in horsepower meant this car was fast on all sections of the track. Unfortunately the car was also good at destroying engines and we were already on our 3rd engine at the start of FSUK. This theme continued throughout the weekend and we were unable to run until the Sunday, and even then we were not running on full cylinders! There were many positives like achieving joint 14th in design and joint 8th in cost.